HOTEL Stylish environment – blend of ancient times spirit and modern comfort – awaits for guests. Six double rooms and apartments are here and 21 guest may rest here at once.
  • double room – € 50,00-60,00
  • single room – € 32,00
  • For children under 12 – € 15,00

RESTAURANT Cosy environment, attentive personnel and tasty dishes are available each day. Restaurant is a part of the European culinary heritage network. “The gold” of Labanoras forest – mushrooms – are often a part of our dishes. Furthermore, this region has an abundance of fish and forest berries, forest honey is also very tasty, all this we offer to our guests. Seasonal vegetables in the restaurant are grown in the garden nearby.

Restaurant  working hours:

  • I           closed
  • II     11 am - 19 pm
  • III    11 am - 19 pm
  • IV    11 am - 19 pm
  • V     11 am - 21 pm
  • VI    09 am - 22 pm
  • VII   09 am - 19 pm

SAUNA It’s pleasant to heat here and after that to drink cold beer in the room at the baths.

BARN Guests may watch preparation of meals and enjoy delicatessen of village kitchen in the spacious barn, in the encirclement of ancient utensils. Our team will prepare Cutlet of Labanoras, Duck pilaf or other dishes for large company if these dishes are ordered in advance. This is a beautiful place for family or business lunch, feasts or getting together.

BREAD BAKING Have you ever seen bread baking ? Guests may both watch birth of Bread and bake their own bread. Of course, call us and agree on this in advance as bread ferments for more than a day.

SOUVENIRS In town of Labanoras, near the main road, we established a small shop of souvenirs, folk art articles, utensils and furniture.

ACTIVITY Guests are offered cognitive trips around the country-side, to ride the bicycles. We may also arrange one, two or three days trip in canoe by Žeimena, Lakaja and Peršokšna rivers. Sports grounds and children playground are available. Forest of Labanoras has an abundance of berries, mushrooms. Fishing lovers find here lots of lakes, river banks. You may swim in the closest lake - Lake of Labanoras.

· One-horse cart or sledge – € 20 / hour

· Transportation (7 seats mini-bus) – € 1 / km


· Hall up to 60 seats 

· Hall up to 40 seats 

· Hall up to 20 seats